The SCACAP EHS-CCP Infant/Toddler (IT) Virtual Academy is a website portal that will provide educational curriculum and e-Learning resources to achieve the pre-school readiness goals for the infants and toddlers in the EHS-CCP Program. This portal is made available by designated SCACAP Staff to teachers, staff, and parents and is accessible 24/7 from any computer at any time. Easy to access, these beneficial resources will help with the daily needs and share best practices in child care centers and classrooms using technology. This portal will also provide parents with an opportunity to obtain additional resources for at-home activities. As we grow our new web presence, this portal will continue to grow as well while providing further access to essential curricular and planning resources, student data, and reports to facilitate differentiated instruction.

SCACAP is a statewide nonprofit community-based organization that aims to develop and support programs to promote self-sufficiency and improve the quality of life for income-eligible children, youth, individuals, and families. SCACAP serves as a State clearinghouse or hub for the Community Action, Head Start, and Weatherization Networks that provides various programs and services to meet the needs of our targeted population, such as comprehensive early care, housing, energy assistance and efficiency programs, crisis and case management, employment, income management Nutrition, youth and senior programs, and a myriad of other programs. SCACAP advocates for policies that strengthen program services, coordinates extensive training, professional development, statewide data compilation and analysis, reporting, communication and marketing, resource and partnership development, research and strategic planning, statewide outreach and education, and a plethora of other services to build the capacity to enrich service delivery. SCACAP also implements statewide community based programming and is currently a grantee of an Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership Program in nine counties throughout the State of SC.
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